Immaculate Reflection Professional valeting and detailing services is based in Yeovil Somerset. Drop your car with us or we are happy to provide a mobile service. Family run Business established in 2010. We also sell our own brand of handmade car wax in sweetie fragrances and other car care goodies in our Car Care Shop. Buy online or visit us in Yeovil.
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Why valet?

Add value to your car

Its common sense that if a car looks great is going to sell faster and at a higher price than a car that looks shabby and dirty - especially true for family cars, no one wants to buy a previous family's crumbs and sticky finger prints!

A complete valet costs from only £70 and this small investment could see hundreds of pounds added to your sale price - a car in poor condition could fetch £500 less that one seen to be in good/excellent condition - so well worth having done.

Protection, protection, protection

In the summer months a good valet will ensure you car is free from tar, grit and bird droppings - which will quickly eat into the paintwork! It is important to protect your car from the suns harmful rays, to ensure it doesn't become a victim to premature fading and dulling. And no one wants to go cruising in the sunshine in a dull car!

You may think valeting your car during the winter months is pointless as it will get dirty again quickly, but if you don't remove all that grit, dirt and salt from the bodywork and wheel arches and protect your paint with a wax/sealant, it will quickly start to attack your car and cause permanent damage.

Good for business

If your vehicle/s are important to your business then they need to look their best. Whether you hire them out, use them as taxis or turn up to see clients in them, a dirty car or van isn't going to give the right impression - even if you're a builder or landscape gardener - a clean works vehicle will show professionalism and attention to detail.

Take pride in your surroundings

Besides your home, your car is probably one of the largest and most important purchases you'll make. So look after it, just as you would your home! Even if you aren't precious about the car you drive or how it looks, keeping it clean and tidy will ensure you and others respect it and it stays it good condition. Most of us spend a fair amount of time in our cars, why would you want to drive around surrounded by mud and mess!? Alot of people are shocked to know there are probably more germs on their steering wheel than on their toilet seat!

You hate washing the car, and so do your kids!

It is the chore you dread? And your kids can't be bribed to do it for pocket money any more either! Don't put it off any longer, our valets start from only £70 and we can carry them out any day - including Saturdays.

There is often a misconception that a valet involves parting with large amounts of money, and only those with very 'posh' cars have it done, but our services are affordable and for everyone. Every car is treated with the same care, whatever option you choose.

Car Washing Rules:

• DON'T use washing up liquid - its for your dishes, not the car!
• DON'T use a sponge - it will only move grit around the surface causing swirl marks - and don't use those scourer ones to remove stubborn dirt - leave it by the sink with the washing up liquid!
• DON'T ever be tempted to use a car wash, the bristles may damage your car and push dirt deeper into gaps rather than removing it.
• DON'T waste your weekend doing something you don't enjoy.

• DO contact a professional valeter.

Ever wondered why bird poo is white?

Birds do not urinate, instead of excreting urea in urine as mammals do, they excrete it as uric acid. This comes out of them in a form of white paste. - So now you know!

And as you can imagine by the name: 'uric ACID' - any long term contact this has with your paintwork will cause permanent damage, so always remove bird poo as soon as you can to keep your paintwork mark free!


You know when you park your car under a tree and you find sticky drops all over it - its not actually sap thats come from the tree. Well, it kind of is - but after its first passed through a bug! Tree sap does not naturally just drip from trees.

Tree sap is high in sugars but low in protein, so the aphids need to consume a lot of sap to get the protein they need - and all that sugar they don’t need - they poop out!

This sticky sugary liquid is called Honeydew, and you are probably aware it can be damaging to paintwork. It will attract dust and dirt and if left to harden in the sun, it can be very difficult to remove and can even take away a tiny part of the surface with it, leaving dull marks on the cars paintwork - these may need to be rectified with polishing or even sanding by a professional if they are very bad.

If you have Honeydew on your car, don't leave it there. Our Tarannosaurus - Tar & Glue Remover can be used to help in the removal of the stubborn residue. And to protect your paint from further attacks, always coat your car in a sealant or wax and wash it regularly.

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