Immaculate Reflection Professional valeting and detailing services is based in Yeovil Somerset. Drop your car with us or we are happy to provide a mobile service. Family run Business established in 2010. We also sell our own brand of handmade car wax in sweetie fragrances and other car care goodies in our Car Care Shop. Buy online or visit us in Yeovil.
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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to book in advance?

A: Yes. Please get in touch and we'll book your valet in for the date and time you'd like. We recommend you try to book at least 2 weeks in advance of needing the valet done if you want it for a specific date like a rental car going back or for a wedding (please don't leave it till the day before - you're very likely to be out of luck!) but we will always try to fit you in as quickly as possible - so just give us a ring and we can check the diary!


How long does a valet take?

A: It depends. But for a full valet allow to be without your vehicle all day. We only offer high quality professional valeting, and this takes time.


Do you come to me or do I bring my car to you?

A: Either. We are happy to provide a mobile service and come to you. For this we will require the car to be in a position that will allow safe off road access all round and space to have the tools required by the vehicle too. We also require access to water (outside tap) and electricity. If this is likely to be a problem, you can bring your vehicle to us. We have a large undercover area and are insured for your vehicles to be left with us if you need to drop off the day before/collect the day after or need a 2 day valet.


I can get a full valet done for £6.99, why are you so expensive?

A: We're not - we're VERY competitive for the professional quality services we provide. Roadside hand car wash places have sprung up everywhere, they are often run by teams of unskilled people who are looking for fast turn around to make a quick profit, they provide speed and convenience- do not get them confused with a professional valet!

Professional valeting takes time, care, attention to detail, high quality tools and chemicals and a great deal of experienced skill to get a car looking its best. If you only want to pay £6.99 and be done in a few mins then please visit one of the hand car washes, we don't offer these type of fast wash services.


Do you offer discounts or run money off offers?

A: No, sorry! Our prices are fair and competitive. We don't overcharge so that during quieter times we can offer "special prices" or put customers under pressure to book on a certain day to secure a lower price - think about all those sofa and carpet places that always have a sale on! - just permanently reduce your prices guys! We feel our prices are honest and that you're paying a resonable non inflated price for the work carried out.


If I have a Machine Polish and you get some surface scratches out, will they come back?

A: No, but.. new ones will inevitably be caused by subsequent washing, driving around, and people/trees brushing past your car etc. The scratches that are polished out are gone for good, but you'll then need to take extra care when washing your vehicle and protect it reguarly with wax for example to help keep it looking its best.


Do you only do valets in Yeovil?

A: No. We are happy to travel to surrounding areas to carry out valets. Please note that for valets outside of Yeovil a travel charge may apply, depending on the value of valet you would like us to carry out. (We usually ask that you have a valet of at least a £100 value if you wish us to travel outside of Yeovil, thank you).


Can I buy a gift voucher?

A: No. Been there, been mucked around, so not offering any more - sorry! If you'd like to give someone a valet as a gift, please book it for them and give them the cash to pay for it on completion - we can provide an email or phone call to confirm this for them, but sadly not a prepaid gift voucher.


Can I tailor make a valet?

A: Yes. If you let us know what you would like us to do, we can give you a price for the work involved.


I have a T5, do you valet these?

A: Yes. Prices will vary, drop us a message or phone call to let us know the valet you'd like and we can discuss prices for the work involved.


Can you valet at our car sales garage?

A: Yes. We are happy to provide services to trade cusomers. We don't do 'by the car' prices as each valet is different, instead we charge by the day, so you could get a couple of normal valets done or a really big detailed one depending on your specific requirements. We charge £150 a day so you'll be getting excellent value for money for the professional service and quality of valet provided. Garages who use us get very positive comments from customers about the condition of their cars and this allows them to get the best possible price for their vehicles - so well worth the investment of an experienced valeter.


If you have any further questions then please contact us.

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