Immaculate Reflection Professional valeting and detailing services is based in Yeovil Somerset. Drop your car with us or we are happy to provide a mobile service. Family run Business established in 2010. We also sell our own brand of handmade car wax in sweetie fragrances and other car care goodies in our Car Care Shop. Buy online or visit us in Yeovil.
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About us

Immaculate Reflection - professional valeting services, is owned by Mark Haim an experienced professional car valeter. Mark has always taken great care of his own vehicles and enjoys the satisfaction of a job well done.

With a keen eye for detail and the passion to get a car looking its best, a valet from Immaculate Reflection is guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Every car is treated with the up most care, whatever its age or make and whatever valet option you choose.

If washing your car is the chore you dread, then get in touch, we can save you the time and inconvenience and get your vehicle looking its very best. We are happy to clean your child's car seat and remove pet hairs.

Valeting not only makes your car look great it also helps to protect your paintwork, ensuring it will look better for longer. Our top end valets are ideal if you take real pride in your car and want to keep it well looked after inside and out.

Company History

Making a clean start, a chance to shine!

When Mark Haim found himself made redundant early 2010, he assumed he would be back in employment straight away, like he was previous times he had been unfortunate enough to be in the same situation - but the last time was quite a while ago and he never dreamt finding a job, any job, would be so hard.

Searching the internet for anything he could apply for Mark soon realised he wasn't going to find work quickly. Everything he enquired about had already been taken and he didn't get a single response from the many other jobs he applied for.

"Its all very disheartening, I just thought i'd find something really easily. Its not until you are put in this position you realise how awful it is, and upon speaking to other people who have been in or who are still in the stressful situation of job hunting, they all say the same - no jobs and no responses from the ones you do apply for".

Mark was getting concerned, he had never been out of work for so long before and with a mortgage and young family to look after he was starting to worry about finances, as they were unable to survive on his partners wage alone.

The only option was to do something for himself. For some time now Mark had been thinking about setting up his own valeting business. Car valeting is something he has always taken great pride in, and he had professional experience, having worked as a valeter for a Subaru franchise.

"I have always enjoyed getting a vehicle to look its best, which probably sounds strange to alot of people, as cleaning your car is often a chore people dread! I really like to transform a vehicle and get it looking as good as new again!"

However, with bills to worry about it was never a risk he was able to take, but now he had been forced into a position where he had no other choice but to give it a go!

With the help of a close friend and his partner, Mark has developed the range of valets he can offer and put together his website so people have easy reference to all the information they need.

"I am hoping the company does well, I've never really felt appreciated in my employment, so I'm looking forward to doing something for myself"

Immaculate Reflection offers high quality valets to the trade and public, the valets are split into competitively priced options, giving the customer the chance to pick one to suit their needs and budget. Whichever valet you choose your car will be treated with the highest care and attention to detail. The valets suit customers who just want a spruce up, right through to those who want to give their car 'the works'.

Valets are ideal for people who hate cleaning their car or those who would like to sell a vehicle. Maybe you've just bought a second-hand car and want it to feel clean and new! A professional valet can drastically improve a cars appearance and if you use a vehicle for work it will help to make a great impression.

If you are interested in a valet, please contact Mark, (click here). You have no excuse to be driving around in a dirty car!


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