Immaculate Reflection Professional valeting and detailing services is based in Yeovil Somerset. Drop you car with us or we are happy to provide a mobile service. Family run Business established in 2010. Also stock our own brand of handmade car wax in sweetie fragrances and other car care goodie in our Tuck Shop. Buy online or visit us in Yeovil.
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The Immaculate Reflection 2 Stage Enhancement  
Hatch £220.00 | Saloon/Estate £240.00 | MPV/4X4 £260.00

Do you LOVE your car? Then why not treat it to our most expensive and thorough exterior option - we will use our most expensive products on your vehicle and meticulously clean all exterior parts.

Please note - imperfections won't all be removed, but their appearance will be greatly improved.

Price may increase to include removal of heavy dirt or to polish more damaged paintwork.

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Exterior Steps

• Wheel arches are fully cleaned and rinsed

• Clean and rinse door and boot shuts

• Engine clean and rinse engine bay with a degreaser dry of with chamois - (Optional: carried out at customers own risk)

• Vehicle will be rinsed of all excess dirt with TFR

• Alloy wheels or wheel trims cleaned

• Tyres cleaned

• Vehicle soaked with snow foam and rinsed

• Exterior treated with a clay bar to remove contaminants on the paint work including industrial fallout tar spots and tree sap, which will make the paint work as smooth as glass to touch.

• Hand wash using conditioning wash and wax shampoo

• Rinse and chamois off bodywork

• Vehicle also hand towelled to soak up any excess water stopping smearing

• Engine treated with lacquer on hoses and rubbers

• Tar and bug remover applied to lower half of vehicle

• Alloy wheels polished

• Tyres dressed which produces a gloss finish

• Exterior will then be machine polished with 2 stage polish to restore the paint's surface

• Deeper scratches will then be polished with a small spot polisher to improve their appearance or to remove where possible

• Bumper and door trims fully dressed

• External plastics restored

• Clean glass fully inside and out

• Windscreen treated with rain repellent

• Vehicle will be given a coat of a Immaculate Reflection handmade hard car wax. A Carnauba rich wax that provides a stunning wet-look finish and provides protection that polishes do not, the greater protection will increase depth of shine and reflection

• Exterior will be given an extra coat of glaze which gives your vehicle outstanding protection and stunning shine

• Stainless Steel exhaust will be cleaned and polished if applicable.

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