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Deep Cleaning Snow Foam
500ml - £11.00
Jellybeans Shampoo
500ml - £9.00
Spic n Span
500ml - £12.00
Sparkle Glass Cleaner
500ml - £6.00
Deep cleaning High pH Snow Foam to aid with the removal of heavy dirt without scrubbing, protecting your paintwork from washing induced swirls. Not wax safe - but ideal to use to remove wax so you can apply fresh coat - its really good to do this every now and again for the best finish. Highly dillutable, providing great value for money. A high quality, highly concentrated pH neutral foamy shampoo in a delicious Jellybeans fragrance. Use with a wash mitt after first rinsing your car or using a snow foam to remove as much dirt as possible. Suitable for regular use, wax and sealant safe. 10-20 washes per bottle. If your paint work is looking dull and oxidised or is marred by small surface scratches and swirls, then our Spic n Span Pre-Wax Cleanser will help to improve the look of your paint and prepare it ready for a coat of wax. It Improves durability and protection- a must have product for any wax addict! Sparkling Clean windows finish off the look of your car - get yours gleaming with our Sparkle Glass cleaner. Its a fast evaporating grime busting formula that leaves a smear and static free finish that resists resoiling. Can also be used on Chrome and Stainless Steel.

Sweetie Fragranced Handmade Sprays - 300ml - £9.00 each

Our sweetie scented water based detail sprays are a quick and easy way to add shine and protection to your paintwork, ideal for use after washing when you don't have time to wax or haven't long ago applied a fresh coat. They can also be useful for shows and events to freshen up your car. (Only use if very light dust is present, not recommended for dirty paintwork as it may cause swirling).

Use our interior dressing sprays on all your interior hard surfaces to add a protective anti static layer and enjoy the yummy Pear Drops and Cola Bottles fragrances as the scents fill your car!

Application - Detail Spray: Mist onto clean paintwork and wipe off with a clean and dry microfibre cloth. Polish surface with a second clean and dry cloth to remove any hazing and add shine.

Detail Spray 300ml

Application - Interior Dressing: To avoid overspray you may prefer to mist onto a clean microfibre cloth and then wipe over all your hard interior surfaces. Buff with a second clean and dry cloth to finish.

Interior Dressing Spray 300ml

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Funky Rainbow Hawaiian Leis
£1.00 each


Just because!

immaculate reflection funky rainbow hawaiian leis, sweet jar, sweet shop, tuck shop, flowers
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