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All that Glitters is GOLD!

VW Golfs have always been a favourite for Mark Haim, owner of Immaculate Refection Professional Valeting and Detailing. Right from the start of taking an interest in cars, he was always drawn to this model. Coveting the ones owned by friends when they got their first cars at college in the mid-late 90's, he had to make do with his pale blue Metro - hoping that one day he would infact get to own one of these treasures!

In the Summer of 2015 Mark decided to upgrade his work vehicle for the valeting business and moved from a VW Caddy to a T5. It was at this time the family decided that there was no need for them to own a T5 and a Touran - although the Touran was an excellent family vehicle, they could now all fit in the T5 for days out. So they looked at selling the Touran and getting a smaller second vehicle - they were on the hunt for an old VW Golf!

Scouring selling sites they were struggling to find anything close by that was: A - Worth looking at, and B - Not stupidly over priced. Then in February 2016, a fellow vdub enthusiast friend told them of a little gem that was owned by a local garage, he had heard on the grapevine the garage owner was considering selling his Mk2 Golf to the right person - so they gave him a call!

Mark and his partner Zara went over the view the car, she was sat under a tree looking very sad and dull, but they could both see her potential. She was in mint condition inside - they fell in love with her brown interior, and outside, despite needing a good clean - easily sorted by Mark, she looked pretty good!

The garage owner told them the Golf had been in the same family from new in January 1987, until only fairly recently. He had maintained her for her whole life and the family went to him when they decided they could no longer keep her, as they knew he had a passion for classic cars and had a growing collection. He bought her from them with every intention of keeping her - but with a busy work load and so many other more valuable classics to care for, she got left to one side and was sadly starting to show the signs of neglect.

Thankfully the owner was happy to sell to Mark and Zara, he felt a duty to make sure she went to the right people and he was happy they were going to love and care for her as much as her previous owners did. He knew she immediately needed a fair bit of work to make her roadworthy and as he didn't have the time to do it, he let them have her at a good price so they could afford to go away and get her back on the road.

The moment the work was done Mark was in his element, giving Goldie the clean of her life! Soon her dull paintwork was glittering and she was a happy Golf again, taking trips to the seaside and shops like she would have regualry done with her first family!

Mark and Zara continue to pamper Goldie and were devastated in October 2016, when someone carelessly drove into her back door and rear wing on the drivers side, causing damage that would cost around £2000 to repair. It was a major battle with the insurance company who wanted to write her off for £1000, but they dug their heels in and said she was worth saving. This fight actually became much easier when they had to find an exact like for like vehicle for valuation purposes. The insurance company struggled as much as they did to find a Golf the same and when the insurers checked their database they discovered that around 250 exact models still existed in the UK, but only 10 of them including Goldie were taxed and on the road!

Eventually after much negotiation the repair work was carried out, fully covered by their insurance, and at the same time Mark and Zara decided to pay for her other side to be repaired and resprayed as there was alot of rust to the rear wing and wheel arch. They are now saving up to have her bonnet, roof and tailgate resprayed as the bodyshop has saved the paint used so she'll be tidy and matching all over and looking as good as she did the day she was bought back in 1987!

You can follow her instagram account: @goldie_the_mk2_golf

mk2 vw golf 1987 2017

On the left, Goldie after her mechanical work had been completed and she had had the clean of her life, looking very much as she would have done 30 years ago. On the right, how she looks now with a few subtle changes.

Goldie wins gold at Bristol Volksfest!

On Sunday 11th June 'Goldie the Mk2 Golf' owned by Mark Haim and Zara Russell, went along to a local VW Festival to take part in their show and shine competition, for their 25th anniversary show.

Mark is the owner of Professional Valeting Company Immaculate Reflection and had a rare Saturday off the day before the show so he could spend all day cleaning their car in preparation.

There were some stunning Mk2s on display in the show and shine area, and they didn't think their car's 'non show' look would stand them any chance of a win. They just entered as a bit of fun as part of a day out with friends and saw it as a great opportunity to meet other like minded enthusiasts, so they were very shocked when Goldie was given best in class.

"It was a lovely surprise" commented Mark, "We're obviously very proud of her and have spent a lot of time and money to get her where she is today. She doesn't have the typical look of a 'dub scene' car, but she is immaculately clean and in excellent condition".

On the day Goldie's original charm shone through, the judges gave her a very thorough going over, checking every inch of the car, including using mirrors to look underneath and inside arches.

"Its all down to a judge's personal preference and this time it looks like they went with a tidy near original representation of a Mk2, over a more modified example - but each show is different and any one of the cars in the class could easily have been a winner".

To celebrate Goldie's new 'award winning' status she is the cover star of Immaculate Reflection Handmade Car wax in Cola Bottles fragrance for a limited time.

"Cola bottles are my favourite sweets" said Mark. "The colour of the wax compliments her paintwork colour, so it was the ideal wax from our range to put her on!"

bristol volksfest vw volkswagen festival in Bristol

mk2 golf vw bristol volksfest 2017

best i class mk2 vw golf winner brisol volksfest 2017

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